New FATF trailer when?

If you've been jonesin a little Paul Walker/Vin Diesel love since the original FAST AND THE FURIOUS, you're about to get your fix again pretty soon. We've learned that the trailer for their new movie, FAST AND FURIOUS, will be in theaters with DEATH RACE a week from today. Kinda perfect marketing, eh? The trailer will run 2:07 so we should be getting some meat and potatoes and not just a short tease. Justin Lin, who directed the TOKYO DRIFT installment of the franchise, has returned to reteam Brian O'Connor and Dominic Toretto (Walker and Diesel respectively) for more racing and other assorted shenanigans. FAF doesn't hit theaters until next June but we'll get our first glimpse next Friday and hopefully online sometime shortly before that. We'll have more for you from the set of FAST AND FURIOUS including something we've never done before at JoBlo.com. I'm not at liberty to discuss what that is but it may or may not involve giving Vin Diesel an oily back rub (JimmyO really knows how to work the trapezius). So stay tuned to JoBlo.com for the FAST AND FURIOUS trailer and much more!

Extra Tidbit: That's FAST AND FURIOUS star Jordana Brewster because I didn't feel like doing an image search for Vin Diesel or Paul Walker.
Source: JoBlo.com



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