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New featurette for Total Recall showcases an awesome-looking hover car chase


The Len Wiseman directed remake of the Schwarzenegger classic, TOTAL RECALL, is heading to theaters in just a few weeks and today we have a closer look at one of the big action pieces in the film; the hover car chase.  Now, we've seen hover cars on film before (I always think of THE FIFTH ELEMENT or BLADE RUNNER), but I have to say that this featurette genuinely impressed me with the filmmaker's methods in translating them to the big screen.  It's a cool blend of practical and CGI effects, which is something I welcome.  


Pretty cool, right?  I know some people are on the fence or straight up not on board for this remake, but I'm all in.  I love the Verhoeven version, but this looks different enough and with some really bad ass looking action that it doesn't tarnish what the previous version brought. 

TOTAL RECALL starts messing with your head on August 3, 2012. 

Extra Tidbit: I just noticed that Kurt Wimmer was listed as one of the writers on the remake. Wimmer wrote and directed the silly-but-cool Equilibrium with Christian Bale, a highly underrated flick if you ask me.



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