New Game of Thrones poster contains a huge season 1 spoiler

I am still watching the first season of GAME OF THRONES and have not gotten to the aforementioned spoiler yet, but I have known about it for quite some time. Anyone who has read the books knows about it as well, so it should not be a shock to anyone.

However, if you are one of those people who have been living under a rock and do not know anything that occurs during the first season of the show, click your back button now. Everyone else imagine me whistling the theme song to THE X-FILES while you wait.

Are we safe now? Good.

I have got to hand it to HBO as that is a bold poster. There was a major uproar to the death of Ned Stark when it happened seing as Sean Bean was the face on every marketing item released for the show. But to embrace the shock value of that character's fate is proof positive as to how you market to your fans as well as entice new viewers with controversial imagery.

Extra Tidbit: With the news that HBO may be bringing THE DARK TOWER to cable, HBO may soon reclaim the drama crown currently held by AMC.
Source: MTV



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