New Gangs of NY pic

Just got an e-mail from a scooper named 'Arnzilla' who was kind enough to include a picture I hadn't seen yet from Martin Scorcese's upcoming epic GANGS OF NEW YORK.  Here's what he had to say followed by the picture he sent:

Sorry the quality is so bad, but here's a pic of Bill the Butcher plying his trade. Of all the Gangs of New York pics I've seen, I think this one best illustrates just how violent the film will be. Take care, Arnzilla

Chop Suey

Yeouch!  That looks like pretty gruesome stuff.  To be honest, before this point, I had no idea of Daniel Day-Lewis' character.  I did some research on the plot of the film (which I have to say I was embarassingly clueless about) and found out that Bill the Butcher is the Native Americans - the gang which rivals Leonardo DiCaprio's Dead Rabbits gang.  It also seems that the Butcher killed Leo's father in the film and becomes a marked man in the process.  I don't know exactly how excited I am about this film, but this picture certainly helps get me going.  Better or worse, GANGS OF NEW YORK hits theaters on July 12th.

Source: JoBlo.com
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