New Get Smart pics

I hope that Steve Carell has already fulfilled the appropriate penance for EVAN ALMIGHTY -- I'd hate for any further punishment inflicted on audiences to come in the updated form of an all-time great TV comedy. Showing him chatting on the famed footwear phone is certainly an unshod step in the right direction, as seen in the below snap from the flick. Now how about the Cone of Silence? Or Hymie?

For those who've never seen reruns of the classic Don Adams espionage spoof, here's the official synopsis for the flick: "Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is on a mission to thwart the latest plot for world domination by the evil crime syndicate known as KAOS. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its agents compromised, the Chief (Alan Arkin) has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxwell Smart, who has always dreamt of working in the field alongside stalwart superstar Agent 23 (Dwayne Johnson). Smart is partnered instead with the lovely-but-lethal veteran Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway). Given little field experience and even less time, Smart—armed with nothing but a few spy-tech gadgets and his unbridled enthusiasm—must thwart the doomsday plans of KAOS head Siegfried (Terence Stamp)."

This film has been rated PG-13 for some rude humor, action violence and language.

Extra Tidbit: GET SMART was originally created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, and it was damn funny.
Source: Warner Bros.



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