New Gods of Egypt international trailer should have stayed overseas

Something strange is afoot with GODS OF EGYPT

While we'll always look fondly upon director Alex Proyas for giving us THE CROW and DARK CITY, there is something that feels so very off about his latest picture GODS OF EGYPT, and it's all over the new international trailer for the film. 

Once upon a time, a film like GODS OF EGYPT knew exactly what it was, and it did everything it could to bring fun and entertainment to its audience. But along the way, these movies became very serious and gritty and unaccepting of their larger-than-life stature, and people have moved away from those films. In the same breath though, GODS OF EGYPT tries to be campy in all the wrong ways with sarcasm and one-liners and winking at the viewer as if they're in on it, but in a way that's incredibly distracting. 

Who knows? Maybe GODS OF EGYPT will surprise us all, but, when this is the way the film continues to be sold, saying you've got a bad feeling about it now may be a prophecy that pays off in spades in the near future. 

GODS OF EGYPT opens in theaters on February 26.

Source: Lionsgate



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