New Hancock pic

The superhero fad is stronger than ever in Hollywood, with Batman, Iron Man, and the Hulk flying and crushing shit all summer long. But what about HANCOCK? He gets no love. Is it because he’s an alcoholic? Maybe. Is it because he doesn’t give a f*ck? Possibly. Or is it because he wasn’t ripped out of a comic book? Most likely. With all the hype given to the big three mentioned above, Hancock has managed to fly under the radar, and I’m guessing that’s just the way he likes it. It’s a lot easier to tie a buzz under the radar than on it. But the good folks at USA Today are giving Hancock some much needed TLC with an article about him and a brand new picture of Will Smith in the role of the nihilistic hero. It’s directed by Peter Berg (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS). Click on Big Willy Style to see the entire pic and to check out the article. HANCOCK is out July 2nd.
Extra Tidbit: Directors previously attached to HANCOCK include Michael Mann, Jonathan Mostow, and Tony Scott.
Source: USA Today



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