New Heartbreak clips

If you woke up this morning thinking you needed more Ben Stiller in your life then today is gonna be like Christmas for you. You might also be insane, so take that digital camera out of your mouth. IESB seems to have made a pact with the devil since not only have they scored two clips from Stiller's upcoming flick THE HEARTBREAK KID, but they've also gone ahead and hosted them right over HERE. The flick revolves around Ben Stiller playing Ben Stiller, except this time instead of renting an appartment with a crazy neighbour or meeting his crazy in-laws, he's just married a crazy woman and on his honeymoon, meets the girl of his dreams, frowny face emoticon. The only way I can even begin to sympathise with this scenario is that the girl of his dreams is Michelle Monaghan and she couldn't be hotter if she tried. If you're still reading this, you'll probably enjoy the clips, so go ahead. If your eyes just kinda floated down in this direction, then click HERE and check out Monaghan being all kinds of gorgeous.
Extra Tidbit: Yes, that's Jerry Stiller playing Ben's Dad. Yes, it's ironic.
Source: IESB



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