New Hostel 2 clip

Ohhh Eli Roth. How I wish you wouldn't have gone back to do HOSTEL 2. It's not that I have anything against HOSTEL 2 (though this poster mash-up is certainly retarded), just in theory I wish you'd have moved on to some original concepts. I mean this is a guy who's got a great promising career and I'd love to see what else he's got up his sleeve instead of another run through HOSTEL land. But OK, it is what it is and I'm along for the ride. Bring in Heather Matarazzo hanging upside-down naked from a hook and I'll be there. Eli has posted a new clip from HOSTEL 2 on his MySpace page and while it doesn't feature anyone being tortured, it does offer a good deal of dread in that Heywhere'deverybodygo?! type way. HOSTEL 2 (or should I say ELI ROTH'S: HOSTEL 2) hits theaters this June.

Extra Tidbit: According to IMDB, Eli doesn't take a "An Eli Roth Film" credit because "he believes filmmaking is a collaborative process, and feels the credit disrespects the people who brought their own creativity to the project." Oh really?
Source: JoBlo.com



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