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May The Muppets/Hunger Games parody be ever in your favor


The Muppets do it for me. Ever since I was a kid, they have made me laugh even when the humor was way over my head. I was a huge fan of the 2011 film and look forward to the next one, with or without Jason Segel.

With the impending release of the latest film on Blu Ray on May 20th, the gang has released yet another parody trailer. This time they skewer THE HUNGER GAMES, which is released three days later on May 23rd.

I can watch these clips over and over again and never get bored. If we can somehow convince the powers that be to release a new MUPPET movie ever 2 years or so, I will be in heaven.

Check out the brand new trailer below.

Extra Tidbit: Check out THE MUPPETS soundtrack to hear the full rap performance by Chris Cooper. Trust me, it is worth it.



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