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New Immortals trailer beats you with an epic stick


I want to like IMMORTALS, but with trailer after trailer I can never quite make up my mind about it. Sometimes the visuals and idea seem stunning, other times they come across as goofy, often within a few seconds of each other.

There's a new voiceover heavy trailer out where you can get another look at the film, which I still maintain just should have been turned into the inevitable GOD OF WAR adaptation, as the plots are pretty close to identical in a lot of ways.

This will be a decent look at our new Superman, Henry Cavill, so we can see how he works as an action lead. Check out the new spot below and see what you think.

Extra Tidbit: I might just say screw it and do a Cast This: Kratos column. I'm tired of waiting for them to figure out that movie's getting made.
Source: JoBlo.com



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