New Inception viral site wants you to build a suitcase nuke and bit of new info

Looking for some more details about INCEPTION? Well, how are your technical reading abilities and knowledge of mechanical and metaphysical engineering?

A new viral site for INCEPTION has popped up at pasivdevice.org. The site is a series of blueprints and instructions for the Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous (PASIV) device which looks kind of like a suitcase nuke, but I believe it has something to do with catching dreams or thoughts.

At the end of the manual, there’s an interactive section where you assemble and turn on the PASIV, and by the end, I was lined to mind-crime.com which I believe is a site we’ve known about for some time. Check out a few of the more interesting pages below, and click on them to head to the site to play around. I'm sure there are a bunch of secrets I'm missing.

As an added bonus, we have a reader who attended Wondercon who heard Nolan talk a bit about the project, and it will probably interest some of you who look for any scraps of clues about just what the hell this new project is all about.

From reader Joey:

-He talked about his interest in architecture and how he felt it was a big part of the film, since the characters in it are actually constructing dreams.

-He said the film was basically a heist film because these guys were breaking into people's heads and stealing thoughts. He talked a little bit about how most heist films are a bit shallow, focusing on the action and what not, and that they had to expand a little in that genre because they were dealing with dreams and the subconscious.

-An interesting note, when someone asked what research Nolan had done for the film, he stated that he initially didn't do any interest and just used what was in his own head. He said he doesn't like to do much research when he writes a film, as he doesn't like to use outside influences, but his own personal experiences for the films.

-On that same token, he was asked about having a cast in mind for the film while writing it and he responded with a sound no. He said that he feels like characters become trapped if you already have an actor in mind. Instead, he simply writes the character and then, while casting, decides who would be best for that character.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think has been the best viral movie marketing campaign since the concept was invented?
Source: PASIV



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