New Indy spot

There's a sweet new behind the scenes video for INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL online, but it might as well be a trailer for a new documentary feature coming out called HI MY NAME IS SHIA AND MY LIFE WIPES ITS ASS WITH YOURS. Basically, we get to see how LaBeouf gets paid millions to perform the following tasks: 1) ride around on a motorcycle with Harrison Ford; 2) pretend fight with a sword; 3) toss a switchblade up and down. There is no clarification as to whether the clip is green or red band, but it must be the former, since in the red band version of the clip I hear a bunch of Victoria's Secret models fight over his naked body while he showers in liquid gold. Fortunately LaBeouf is great, so I don't hold it against him. You can check the clip out HERE.

Movie hits 22nd May, Indy's back, this time with a wise-cracking kid, you know the story. We're all very excited!
Extra Tidbit: Also, in case you were wondering if LaBeouf was a real burly man's man, I think the scene where he is fencing pretty much definitively proves otherwise.



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