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New Insomnia website

Mar. 20, 2002by: Mike Sampson

What a way to kick off this summer season at the movie theater.   This May, in just about four weeks time, we've got SPIDER-MAN, ATTACK OF THE CLONES, and another little film that I'm anticipating on par with those previous two - INSOMNIA.  As you should all know by now, MEMENTO was one favorite film of 2001, so of course I'm looking forward to seeing what director Christopher Nolan will do for a follow-up.  Plus, we're getting our first real look at Robin Williams breaking the mold.  If DEATH TO SMOOCHY is a step in the right direction (away from crap like PATCH ADAMS), his role in INSOMNIA is a jump off the cliff.  To keep me excited about this flick amid the high-stakes games of SPIDEY and STAR WARS, the official site for INSOMNIA has expanded with some more goodies.  Head over to to check out new stills from the film (I've included a sample below), screensavers, wallpapers, and more.  There's promises of a new flash site opening soon, so make sure to check back often.  Don't let this one fall off your radar!



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