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New international The Mummy trailer reveals tons of new footage


In a weird way, I'm rooting for the new MUMMY reboot. While I loved the first two Brenden Fraser outings (seriously, where has he been?), I also really love the idea of a Universal Monster Cinematic Universe. I know I've given studios the business for their addiction to "cinematic universes" often on this site before, but I honestly feel the Universal Monsters could be an exception, as the idea of having them team up together could actually be really cool to see on screen. Especially since they were the first to do it all the way back in the '40s.

But, like most people, I wasn't feeling the last couple trailers. However, there's a new international trailer that's just been released, so let's see if this changes my mind:

So the new footage added a bit more fun (Tom Cruise talking about adventure, the "I thought there was another one" line), but overall still looks about the same. Mediocre and lame. There are even more shots of the goddamn "Sand Face (tm)" effect from the Stephen Sommers version! What the hell?

Either way, Tom Cruise will battle THE MUMMY June 9th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite MUMMY film has to be MUMMY RETURNS. Sure the effects are dated, but it's just so much damn fun.
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