New Invasion poster

THE INVASION isn't getting nearly as much promotion as some of the other summer films out there, or even as much as some of the films coming out next summer, and that's a shame of sorts, because ever since my Nicole Kidman dream a few weeks back, I've had a thing for her, and by thing, I mean dangerously obssessed. So I wouldn't mind seeing her pristine visage plastered all over bus stop terminals everywhere. But alas, that isn't the case, and I'll have to settle for making the newly released INVASION poster my desktop wallpaper.

I like the look of this thing. It's decidedly modern, but the high saturation of red gives it a fifties creature-feature feel, which is fitting since the film's inspiration is INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Much hubbub has been flung about over the Wachowskis being called in for rewrites and such, but I was happy with the film's original director Oliver Hirschbeigel, who made the German films DAS EXPERIMENT and DOWNFALL. But that's what happens Oliver, when you try to be artful in the summer months. Click on the picture to see the whole poster and go to the theatre to see the whole movie on August 17.

Extra Tidbit: James McTeigue (V FOR VENDETTA) is the man that actually shot those re-shoots.
Source: Cinematical



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