New Jane Eyre trailer errs to the side of spooky?

Just yesterday we brought you the new poster for Cary Fukunaga's JANE EYRE, and now we've got a brand new trailer... a trailer that plays the film up to be more akin to a horror movie? Huh?

This either represents a strange marketing angle to sell the film, or is indicative of a more interesting take on Charlotte Brontë's source material by Fukunaga. Hopefully it's the latter. In any event, it's certainly a gorgeous-looking film.

JANE EYRE is set to open March 11, 2011. Catch the trailer below or head over to Yahoo! Movies to see it in HD.

Synopsis: Based on Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, the romantic drama stars Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender in the lead roles. In the story, Jane Eyre flees Thornfield House, where she works as a governess for wealthy Edward Rochester. The isolated and imposing residence – and Mr. Rochester’s coldness – have sorely tested the young woman’s resilience, forged years earlier when she was orphaned. As Jane reflects upon her past and recovers her natural curiosity, she will return to Mr. Rochester – and the terrible secret that he is hiding…

Extra Tidbit: SUSPIRIA!
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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