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I present to you my nomination for trailer of the year so far. Peter Berg’s Middle East political thriller THE KINGDOM was supposed to be released this spring, but was pushed back until September 28th, probably because the filmmakers knew this movie had at least one more kick-ass trailer in it. Totally worth it, guys. Shit, I’d be happy if this movie never came out at all and they just kept releasing first-rate trailers for it every couple of months or so.

Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, and an apparently mute Jennifer Garner star as an elite team of FBI agents who travel to Saudi Arabia to investigate the bombing of an American complex, and who soon find themselves on the trail of a terrorist bomber. We essentially have 4 American hotshots in a hostile country that wants them dead, and the requisite native guide who must help them and eventually learn to love them. All movies are love stories at heart.

I must say, this does look a lot like a Michael Mann film, what with the shaky handheldedness of the camerawork, to the token Jamie Foxx role, to the blood-boiling stadium rock anthem (good call on the U2) used to pump up the action and poignant stares. Which is why I wasn’t surprised when the ‘produced by Michael Mann’ banner appeared towards the end of the trailer. But that’s not to take anything away from Peter Berg. The man is a stellar filmmaker in his own right, and this movie certainly bares his mark. I’m just saying that his mark looks a lot like Michael Mann’s. You can check the trailer out HERE.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't checked out the NBC series based on Berg's football drama FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, do so. It was easily one of the best shows on television this year.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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