New Let Me In trailer clearly feasted on the original film

I'm conflicted about the LET ME IN remake as I have been since I first heard about it. On the one hand, if you watch these trailers, it looks like an extremely well made horror film, one that even makes me not care it features the current plague of pop culture, vampires.

But then you stop and think that this is a remake of a movie from TWO YEARS AGO, and if you’ve seen that film, you can see it looks almost identical to it, albeit with an American cast. How hard is it to make a good movie out of a good movie, when you have to (and should) change almost nothing about it? I’m sure this will be worthwhile, but I don’t really see the challenge here.

This new trailer (via MTV from Comic-Con) indicates this movie won't quite be shot-by-shot, line-by-line taken from LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, but it’s pretty damn close. That being said, most audiences probably haven’t seen the original, and this might resonate pretty soundly with them when it arrives in theaters, as I have little doubt it’ll be a quality film. Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: Something tells me we'll hold off on the underage nudity in this version.
Source: MTV



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