New Line loses "Goldmember"

New Line Cinema has lost round one to MGM in the battle over "Goldmember," the character and former subtitle of AUSTIN POWERS 3.  MGM's protest of the use of the name, which they contend infringed on the copyrighted "Goldfinger" of JAMES BOND fame, took them to the MPAA where New Line attempted to appeal - their appeal was denied.   Apparently, MGM offered a deal at the last minute but New Line rejected their plan which would have had JOHN Q (a New Line film) pushed back to allow HART'S WAR (an MGM film) an open weekend at the box-office.  This is extraordinarily bad news for New Line as it may now have a good portion of the film's content, in addition to the marketing campaign.  While if this issue went all the way to the courts, it's pretty much guaranteed NLC would win.  Parodies are generally exempt from copyright infringement, otherwise Weird Al wouldn't have much of a career.  But a lengthy court battle would be pointless.  In any event, New Line and AUSTIN POWERS producers have to think and think quick.  The film is still set for a July 26th release date.  A trailer for the film was scheduled to run during the Super Bowl but those plans may now be cancelled.

Source: Variety
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