New Little Fockers trailer slightly less unfunny

What's the opposite of funny? Nevermind, I just looked it up in the thesaurus. The answer is DULL. And that's pretty much actually how I'd describe the first teaser trailer for LITTLE FOCKERS. The opposite of funny and dull.

A new international trailer for FOCKERS is now upon us and is less of a comedy vacuum than that last trailer was. Is it hilarious? Hardly. But I did smile at least once (though it was related to Ben Stiller being vomited upon so gauge that smile appropriately). It's not necessarily that I think this movie will be devoid of laughs (the original is actually an underappreciated classic), it just seems tired. GODFATHER jokes? Grown men wrestling in a ball pit? Focker puns? See for yourself. It's an international trailer so you'll see some Spanish subtitles but that may be the least distracting thing about this video...

Extra Tidbit: So many talented people involved in one movie; where are they going wrong?
Source: JoBlo.com



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