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New Logan's Runner?

Apparently Bryan Singer wonít be spending any time in the 23rd century after all. While heís off making his WWII Nazi thriller VALKYRIE, Warner Bros. is lining up a replacement director to kill everyone for their 21st birthday.

According to our muchachos at Latino Review, the studio has reportedly grabbed commercial helmer Joe Kosinksi to work on the latest adaptation of the sci-fi tale LOGANíS RUN. The story is set in a futuristic society where gem-palmed citizens willingly die at a certain age as a means of population control. Logan (no relation to Wolverine) is a ďSandmanĒ, a law officer sent to hunt humans who escape the city to continue existing after their designated death day, and he discovers bunches of reasons to keep living.

LOGANíS RUN was Singerís pet project for years, but SUPERMAN RETURNS conflicted with the schedule until Singer just decided to avoid the sleep station altogether. The material was previously adapted as a cheesy 1976 movie with Michael York and AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON babe Jenny Agutter, and a short-lived TV series.
Extra Tidbit: Screenwriters who worked on the script during its lengthy time in development hell include Skip Woods (SWORDFISH), Dan Harris (X2) and Chris McQuarrie (USUAL SUSPECTS). Jayson Rothwell and Travis Beachman are the latest guys pecking at a draft.
Source: Latino Review



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