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New look at Power Rangers non-spandex power suits


I think POWER RANGERS is going to surprise people. It seems to be making mostly all the right decisions when it comes to adapting something like this (play it straight, but allow yourself to have fun). The suits themselves exemplify that, with retaining what's iconic and fun about them (the dinosaur theme, the bright colors), while also being redesigned to be more sleek and modern.

Here's a new look at the suits, up close and personal:


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While these posts don't reveal anything too outrageous, it's still cool to see the work and design that goes into these types of elaborate costumes. Even if the film itself is a bust, making the suits look more like alien armor than form-fitting spandex was the right move.

Another thing that's interesting, is how similar the texture and some of the design of Rita's costume is to the Power Rangers' costumes. That could be coincidence, but if rumors are true that she (and Zordon) were former Rangers, that'd make her the former Green Ranger and make me forgive the otherwise Poison Ivy looking get up (although it looked pretty good in the trailer). 

Either way, POWER RANGERS will be morphing into theaters March 24th, 2017

Extra Tidbit: While Trini was a girl in the American shot High School scenes, the Yellow Ranger from the Japanese sentai show was clearly a dude.
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