New Megamind trailer sure seems like a Megamind 2 trailer

Well this is interesting.

From the first trailer for Dreamworks' MEGAMIND, we got the impression that Will Ferrell's Megamind and Brad Pitt's Metro Man would spend the duration of the film duking it out, taking their childhood rivalry to the streets of Metro City.

But this new trailer shows a whole bunch of new plot points that make this seem more like a sequel to the first movie. In this trailer, Megamind actually seeks out the help of Metro Man, now down on his luck and playing awful songs on the guitar, to defeat a new hero/villain in town spawned from Jonah Hill's character, who previously only appeared to be Tina Fey's sidekick in the initial trailer. Now Megamind must stop being a villain and save the day himself.

It really does seem like a sequel concept to me, as I'm sure the first film could have been entirely about the Megamind/Metro Man rivalry, but I'm curious to see if this ends up being better or worse than DESPICABLE ME.

Extra Tidbit: Megamind's minion is actually named "Minion" just like Gru's Minions.
Source: Joblo.com



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