New Minority Report trailer

Fox just issued a press release with word that a brand new trailer for MINORITY REPORT will premiere today, June 11th at 12:00pm EST, at www.minorityreport.com. Here's an excerpt from the release:

"The trailer, which the celebrated filmmaker created especially for the site, features previously unseen footage from the futuristic thriller starring Tom Cruise, which arrives in theaters nationwide on June 21...In addition to the new trailer, the site features an interactive examination of Precrime, in which visitors can see if they have what it takes to be part of this historic unit; plus a close look at the process by which Spielberg and a team of 'futurists' – leading experts from the worlds of technology, law, science and other fields – created a realistic future."

As a guy whose seen the movie himself, I can honestly advise you to check this trailer out. It will only serve to get you more excited. Keep a close eye on JoBlo.com in the coming weeks for more coolness involving MINORITY REPORT. I can say no more.

Source: Fox
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