New Moan poster & pics

If you were quick, you might have caught a glimpse of an unfinished version of the final BLACK SNAKE MOAN one-sheet here at JoBlo.com a little over a month ago. If you were really quick, you might have also caught a glimpse of our balls that same day, seeing as it was Bicycle Shorts Wednesday. Alas, the studio asked us to take it down (the poster, not the shorts), but only so they could surprise us with the finished version you see below. It bears pretty much the same exact design as the first two posters we saw - just with the film's two stars together and in more action-ready poses - but it's a good design so let's all just shut up and enjoy it. Did I say shut up? I meant go to town in the Strike Back below. Paramount also slapped some new stills from the film our way so click on any of the ones you see here to be taken to the rest. BLACK SNAKE MOAN opens February 16th.

Extra Tidbit: MOAN director Craig Brewer once said that he originally expected to shoot HUSTLE & FLOW, his previous film, for about $5,000 before he was given a reported $8 million dollar budget.
Source: Paramount



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