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New Moon Trailer!


Today Twilight fans, I bring you the best bootleg trailer of NEW MOON I could find.

For those of you who don't read the series, NEW MOON is the second installment in the TWILIGHT saga. Basically in this story, Edward (Robert Pattinson) decides to leave Bella (Kristen Stewart) to keep her away from danger therefore giving her a better life. As soon as he's gone Bella slips into a deep depression until she starts hanging out with her old friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner). While spending time with Jacob, Bella figures out that when she starts to do something dangerous she can hear Edward. Between keeping Bella safe and hiding a secret, Jacob starts to threaten the relationship her and Edward once had.

Yes, I read the books. Yes, I know they're not that great, but I continue to read them. It's my alternative to a trashy romance novel. NEW MOON comes out November 20th, and as soon as we get the official trailer we will update.

Extra Tidbit: Are there any men who will stand up and admit they like the TWILIGHT series?
Source: joblo.com



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