New Moon wolves

Normally all TWILIGHT related news passes through our resident expert Niki, but since this new clip from NEW MOON dropped during my shift, I feel like I'm obliged to post it, no matter how disinterested I am in sparkling vampires or CGI werewolves.

This new clip which premiered on Entertainment Tonight last evening, focuses on the aforementioned werewolves, and it’s impressive just how much bad acting and bad CGI NEW MOON has been able to cram into one minute of footage.

Bella slaps one of the shirtless Native American dudes for some reason, causing him to go all Incredible Hulk, except instead of turning green, he transmorphs into a giant werewolf. Bella clearly doesn’t quite make the connection, and tells Jacob to run away from the wolf, but then BAM! He’s one himself! Didn’t see that coming, except for the fact it’s been in every single trailer thus far.

Download this thing in HD on iTunes if you wish. Lord knows between all the stills, clips and trailers released for this thing, you could probably piece together the entire movie yourself by now.

Extra Tidbit: Whatever, I want more vampire on vampire cage matches at Volturi headquarters. I can never watch Robert Pattinson getting chokeslammed through a stone fountain too many times
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