New Nightmare on Elm Street toys are a little weird

Have you ever wanted to have an action figure based on a child molester? Well today's your lucky day! NECA is set to release two action figures from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET - one pre-burn Freddy Krueger and one post-fire. Strangely the pre-burn is even creepier than the monster Freddy (see right).

The Freddy character comes with an additional head that has a different facial expression and some additional scarring (yay, more painful 3rd-degree burns!) plus removable hat. Human Freddy comes with a gardening tool that seems to indicate his predilection for long, sharp metal objects. Whether the figure comes with a stuffed Pedobear or a "show me where Freddy touched you" dolly.

If you click through to the Figures.com forums you can see even more pics of Freddy in action including some pics of him actually burning with toy fire. Fun for the whole family!

Extra Tidbit: How did Freddy's face get burned so badly but his sweater is basically just a little charred?
Source: Figures.com



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