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New Olympians trailer


I've managed to locate this new international trailer for PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS: IS THERE SERIOUSLY A SUBTITLE AFTER THAT, which up until now only had a brief spot where a kid takes an elevator to Mount Olympus.

In this new trailer, we get to actually see what the hell is going on in this movie, and it appears that Percy is the bastard child of Poseidon, and has magic water powers because of it. He meets homeless Pierce Brosnan who gives him a transforming sword pen and tells him that he has to save the world. Good times!

I actually think the concept of demi-god children with powers running around earth is rather cool, but that being said, this movie looks a bit too ridiculous for my taste. I guess we’ll have to see.

Extra Tidbit: Bonus points for being the only movie ever to have an iPhone and Medusa in the same scene.
Source: JoBlo



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