New photos from Inception still confusing

If you were under the impression that some more photos from INCEPTION would shed a little more light on the so-far cryptic Christopher Nolan film, I think you're wrong. Unless you can extrapolate a lot more out of these pics than I could. We have Ken Watanabe putting a wet Lucas Haas in a headlock and aiming a gun at someone. And we have Joseph Gordon-Levitt squaring off with another dude in that spinning hallway scene (or perhaps he's "Dancing on the Ceiling?").

The new pics come as part of a sprawing LA Times story on the film that comes from some time spent on the set and interviews with Nolan and crew afterward. The new trailer for the film, that WB snuck in at WonderCon, should be in theaters shortly (with IRON MAN 2, I'm speculating) and that reportedly begins to give us a little more insight as to what the film is about.

Extra Tidbit: Is this how JGL learned to do that wall backflip he busted out on SNL?
Source: LA Times



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