New Pineapple Ex trailer

The new trailer for PINEAPPLE EXPRESS doesn’t give us much more than the previously released red band version. In fact, I’d venture to say that it gives us less. This is an R movie, and anything less simply won’t do it justice. Having said that, it’s still quite the rad trailer (maybe it’s the MIA?). This film looks like the perfect combo of buddy film and stoner film. So needless to say a lot of stoner buddies will be in attendance. Last week I saw the director David Gordon Green speak at the Apple store in SoHo in New York, and after he finished discussing his latest film SNOW ANGELS, they played the red-band trailer for EXPRESS on the big screen, and watching that with the director, seeing the smile on his face while he soaked in the audiences laughter (and they laughed a lot for a trailer) was quite the experience. Head HERE to check it out.
Extra Tidbit: Seth Rogen was originally going to play the stoner role but Judd Apatow decided to switch it up last second.
Source: AOL Moviefone



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