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New Point Break poster catches a wave and hangs ten, dude


What the hell is anyone supposed to do with this poster, Warner Bros.?

Come on, brah. Is this really supposed to be for a POINT BREAK remake? Because taking a good look at it has me thinking a new buddy surfer inspirational tale is coming to theaters this holiday season. You know the movie I'm talking about. Maybe one of them is scared to ride the waves again after a freak waxing accident and now he needs to push of a fellow surfer to get back up on that board again and find his breaking point. In the end, he's sure to have overcome his fears, making for a triumphant return to the lifestyle he loves, as his mentor/friend stands by, proud of all the work he's put in. Damn, that Disney-esque take on POINT BREAK sounds a whole lot more interesting than whatever we're getting served up on Christmas day.

Who would walk past this in their theater lobby and say, "Wow... I want to see that"? You don't even know what you're being sold. Maybe if there was some semblance of bank robberies or criminal activity or something, it might be more eye-catching. But two dudes going out for a nice surf? Who is passing on this one with me?

POINT BREAK surfs into theaters on December 25, dude.

Source: Warner Bros.



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