New posters for Resident Evil: Retribution blast their way online

A couple new posters for RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION have been released from Screen Gems today. The first features a squadron of Osprey's blowing shit up with the Umbrella Corporation insignia "floating" in the water below.

Here she blows:

The second poster is much cooler, in my opinion, with our girl Milla blasting away, shell casings dancing in the air, with a focused look of bad ass on her face. So, yeah, pretty much the stuff dreams are made of.


Resident Evil: Retribution is the fifth entry in the video-game adaptation franchise. It's got kind of a FAST FIVE vibe going for it as they're bringing back a lot of old cast members, including Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine, Michelle Rodriguez as Rain Ocampo, and Oded Fehr as Carlos Oliveira.

I didn't see the last film as it held very little appeal outside of the lovely Mrs. Paul W.S. Anderson, and even those who absolutely love the series didn't have very many nice things to say about it. Is this series just a guilty pleasure or the genuine article. You decide.

And seriously...welcome back, Sienna Guillory.

Extra Tidbit: No Ali Larter? What up with that?
Source: Collider



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