New Potter 6 info

Harry Potter Not too long ago, the producers behind HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE put out a casting call for the role of Ron Weasley somewhat nutty color-named main squeeze Lavender Brown.

After what was presumably an exhaustive search, there's a rumor floating around the interwebs that 20 year old Jessica Cave, who appears alongside Helen Mirren in the upcoming fantasy adventure INKHEART, has landed the role of Ron's automatic plus one. Nothing else is known about her at this point other than Rupert Grint apparently approves of her and it goes without saying that she's disturbingly hot.

In related news, the folks over at "Filmwad" have landed themselves a couple of apparently spoilerific behind the scenes looks at THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. Check those out HERE. Seriously, SPOILERS. THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE opens November 21st of next year.

Thanks to Beech for the heads up!

Extra Tidbit: Anand Tucker and Michael Hoffman were both rumored as possible directors for THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.
Source: ReutersFilmwad



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