New Punisher found?

Thomas Jane may have left the skull-shirt and arsenal behind for other geek-friendly ventures, but Lionsgate and Marvel are hitting us with another PUNISHER movie without him. Do we have our replacement Frank Castle already?

Latino Review says it's Ray Stevenson, the Roman soldier Titus on HBO's series ROME. Having not seen the show I can't say I feel particularly strongly about this one way or another, but I suppose he looks pretty tough. Stevenson also appeared in KING ARTHUR and stars in an upcoming low-budget action flick called OUTPOST. Assuming Stevenson's involvement is true, we'll almost definitely find out officially at Comic Con this week.

The sequel will be directed by Lexi Alexander (who last shot the underappreciated GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS) and will apparently find Punisher dealing with scarred nemesis Jigsaw. I thought Jane did a good job all things considered, but let's hope Marvel's violent vigilante gets more to do this time than prowling the "mean streets" of Tampa, FL and planting fake hydrants next to villains' vehicles.
Extra Tidbit: Most of Stevenson's career has been spent on British television.
Source: Latino Review



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