New Punisher shtuff!

We'll be giving you guys more on THE PUNISHER: WAR ZONE panel that took place during Thursday Comic Con in a little while, but for now, SuperheroHype has been given the first look at the poster for the film (click the small version on the right to see it enlarged), while IGN has been given the rights to show the 2-minute age-restricted "trailer", which to me, looks a hell of a lot like our very own John Fallon's DEADEN trailer/movie, only with a much bigger budget, of course... They were both filmed in the same city of Montreal. Anyway, this trailer actually does showcase a lot more action, and doesn't feature any shots of Punisher setting up fake fire hydrants, so who knows, maybe it won't turn out so bad. This next installment of the PUNISHER franchise is set for release on December 5th, 2008.

Extra Tidbit: Seems like a wholly non-American movie, with the director born in Germany, the star born in Ireland and the baddie born in England.
Source: IGNSuperhero Hype



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