New red-band trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out!

I'd like to think that all the problems I had with COP OUT after the original trailer were due to the fact that Warner Bros. was jamming an R-rated movie into a general audiences trailer. Surely a red-band trailer would fix all that and prove there's a solid comedy underneath the corny Obama jokes. Right? Right??

MySpace has debuted the new red-band trailer for COP OUT and you can check it out and decide whether a couple oral sex jokes and dick-punching a little kid help turn the movie into a hilarious affair. Sadly for me, it didn't. It still played as tired and stale as the original trailer did. I actually felt bad for Rashida Jones when I saw her brief part in this trailer. But that's just me. Check it out below and lemme know what you think.

Extra Tidbit: I really want to like this movie but it's just not working out for me...
Source: MySpace



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