New Saw 3D trailer reaches new levels of stupid

I've seen a lot of stupid things this year. COP OUT, LeBron James' "The Decision," the finale of "Lost"...but this might very well be the stupidest thing I've seen all year. It's the new trailer for SAW 3D and it basically serves two purposes: 1) to remind you what 3D is and how it works, and 2) to convince you this is the last SAW movie. Yes we're all aware that in a 3D movie we sit in a theater with glasses on while sh*t flies out of the screen and into our faces. But this trailer seems to indicate that things will literally (literally) break the fourth wall, come out of the movie screen LAST ACTION HERO style and kill us.

Then of course there is the ridiculous notion that this is the last SAW movie. Thassa good one. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh in judging SAW 3D but considering the director himself, Kevin Greutert, was so pissed off at being contractually obligated to direct this film that he compared it to being "raped by your dad," I feel like I'm really not being that harsh at all. Check out the new trailer below (or click here to see it in HD at Yahoo! Movies) and see if it annoys you as much as it annoyed me.

Extra Tidbit: If it turns out that SAW 3D is the last SAW film ever, I'll eat my hat. (Little known fact: I wear a hamburger for a hat.)
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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