New Scooby trailer!

If you can't wait until tonight to see the brand new SCOOBY DOO trailer on Access Hollywood, then you're in luck. We've got a link to where you can download it on the web right now. So if those pics we ran yesterday didn't help make up your mind, this should do the trick.

Now since JoBlo isn't here to give you his little burger rating of this trailer, let me just tell you - it's good. And I've HATED the idea of this movie since it's inception. But it's good. And I've HATED the idea of Matthew Lillard starring as Shaggy. But lemme tell you, (God it is killing me to say this) Lillard's got it together. His Shaggy is right on. And I have to admit that despite all my belly-aching, I actually smiled during the trailer. I'm still not convinced 100% that overall the movie will be solid, but this is a much better sign. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. Enjoy!...

Download the new SCOOBY DOO trailer

Source: Moviefone
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