New Shazam writer

Saturday-Morning SHAZAM show

With so many years gone by and just as many rewrites, It was pretty easy to believe screenwriter John August when he said last winter that DC's SHAZAM was dead and buried until many more years to come. Yet "dead" seems to have simply meant his work on it was for nothing. Easy mistake.

Warner bros went from a "Light-Hearted" take on the Captain Marvel movie project to "DARK-KNIGHT-like in tone" as they seemingly wish to apply every DC character they have, contracting August, William Goldman and other writers to rewrite each other out. But instead of sinking any further in the same puddle, the studio decided to clear the table and start from scratch with the potential franchise.

H2ik scribe Bill Birch has been contracted to "reboot" the project, with GET SMART helmer Peter Segal still attached as director and producer. No time table has been laid out yet, nor any cast speculation. Care to do some of our own?

Extra Tidbit: God bless those 70s Saturday-Morning shows. Lame as anything will ever be, but great childhood memories.
Source: Variety



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