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New Skyfall teaser trailer will leave you shaken, stirred, and grinning


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Will SKYFALL finally be the film that inspires any remaining naysayers to never say never again? Because it looks brilliant. It really does. On a technical level, on a character level, on an emotional level, and on a story level - this teaser does exactly what a teaser is meant to do. Meaning it makes me desperately want to see the movie right now and shot SKYFALL straight up my list of most anticipated movies.

November 9th truly cannot come soon enough.

The SKYFALL teaser is followed by a trailer for the new Bond-based video game coming out this fall, and it sadly looks to be on a significantly lower tier of quality than Bond's next cinematic adventure. Ah well.

Extra Tidbit: I'm very glad that Craig's Bond has lived more than twice. Those MGM money troubles were making me nervous.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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