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New Spidey 4 writer


A lot of us expected to hear some kind of official SPIDER-MAN 4 villain announcement at Comic Con later this month, but considering the script is apparently still in a state of flux, that may not be likely.

Yet another writer is taking a swipe at the webbed wonder's fourth wrist-jizzing big-screen supersmackdown. This time it's filmmaker Gary Ross, a frequent collaborator of wallcrawler Tobey Maguire -- the pair worked together on PLEASANTVILLE and SEABISCUIT, and Ross was preparing to direct him in the now-delayed TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH.

Writers James Vanderbilt and David Lindsay-Abaire have seen their drafts tossed in the recycle bin with last week's Daily Bugle. It's unknown if Ross just had a fresh spin on Marvel's swinger, or if Maguire flexed some producer muscles to get him involved.

But the last time the principals on a fourth franchise flick couldn't agree on a script, we got INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL...

Extra Tidbit: Ross' father wrote the original CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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