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New Star Wars poster


Hmmm...it seems that after the release of the new ATTACK OF THE CLONES trailer this past Sunday, we might (stress MIGHT) have a look at the new official one-sheet for the film as well.   TheForce.net uncovered a poster that was originally found at a German website which looks an awful lot like what you'd expect the AOTC one-sheet to look like.  It seems to follow the same artistic style of Drew Struzan who created the poster for THE PHANTOM MENACE, but it could be a clever fan recreation.  One thing, as pointed out by TFN, is that the poster features the "spider-walker" which wasn't revealed until this Sunday's trailer.  Which means, if it was a fan-made poster, they had to a significant amount of work in a short amount of time.  One way or another, I'm sure we'll hear official word from Lucasfilm sometime soon.

Well, that was quick! Yes, it is real and yes, it has been confirmed by Lucasfilm. Click here for the release of the one-sheet on the official site.

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