New Strike Backs!!

UPDATE: We had a few technical bugs in our new STRIKE BACKs over the past week or so, but they should be fixed by now. If you're still having some issues, please email me directly. Thanks!

Hey folks, JoBlo here. We're always trying to make the site better for ya'll and our latest STRIKE BACK overhaul is the latest example of that. In case you didn't notice, we've added some new features to our STRIKE BACK section below, which I'll be describing here.

1) First of all, if you look at the TOP of the article (see image below), you'll notice that the # of comments are now shown at the top of the write-ups, alongside a link to push you right down to the STRIKE BACK section (just click on STRIKE BACK below!). There is also a new meter called the HEATER METER in the middle which will automatically show you the % of people who responded positively to the story, as opposed to those who didn't care for the news in the article. In other words, if we post the latest BASTERDS movie poster and the meter says 70%, than 7 out of 10 of you have apparently enjoyed the poster. And so forth... ;) Remember that a BUNCH of studio people read the site, so let your voices be heard!!

2) Right above the actual STRIKE BACK section (see image below), you'll notice that we've now streamlined all that shit that was there before. You can now EMAIL the article to a friend, PRINT the article properly, use any of our RSS feeds to follow any of the sections within our movie network, use SHARE THIS to share the article on Digg, Facebook and all those crazy places, click on SEND US A SCOOP if you want to (you guessed it!)...send us a scoop and finally, click on JOBLO on Twitter, to follow us on Twitter -- which makes little sense since you're already here in the first place!!! ;)

3) In terms of posting your comments, you just need to register if you haven't already, and then POST away! You don't have to include a TITLE to your comments -- although you can -- but you MUST choose one of the 3 "rating" options to let us know (and Hollywood!!) if you're HIP TO THE NEWS in the article, if you think it's a BAD IDEA or if you're just neutral for now. The GREEN BARS represent a POSITIVE COMMENT, the RED BARS represent a NEGATIVE COMMENT and the BLACK BARS equal neutrality. Your picks will determine the article's HEATER METER at the very top. You'll also notice that you can now EXPAND all comments and show the comments in a variety of ways (Oldest first / Newest first / Most Popular first). Progress, I guess...

4) And last, but certainly not least, we've added the THUMBS UP/THUMBS DOWN options on each comment, which anyone (no need to be a member) can click on to boost that person's comment popularity. You can also REPLY to someone's comment by clicking on REPLY TO THIS POST inside each comment (although your reply won't count toward the HEATER METER) and ADD the member as a FRIEND of yours, etc..

Oh and remember that you can EDIT your own comments as well, so stop double-posting, yo!! ;) Phew.

Oh and these same changes will be happening to our ARROW IN THE HEAD, MOVIEHOTTIES and DVD CLINIC sites veddy veddy soonl!!

Finally, if you haven't already done so, go to your USER CP and choose one of the 1,000+ different avatars we have for your usage (for God's sakes pick one, man...don't be boring). Those peeps without an avatar chosen will get a default JOBLO logo inserted into their comments -- but we'd MUCH RATHER you chose an avatar, so do so now!!! Oh, you can also ask one of our JoBlo.com contributors to set you up with your own custom-made avatar, so go to THIS THREAD and ask the good folks if they can help you out with that. The maximum dimensions are 90x90 for them. Enjoy!!

Extra Tidbit: For articles such as this one, for which we have TURNED OFF the "comments" option, none of what I said above will apply... :)
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