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New TDK clip


MTV has a new clip from THE DARK KNIGHT. Supposedly it's sick, but like hell I'm gonna watch it. If like I expect, you're less of a man than I am and the lure of new footage is too much for you, enjoy it over HERE.

I don't know what you guys plan to do with your significant others when you go to see this thing, but after getting my tickets for Wednesday night I sat my girlfriend down and told her that there will be no "James, can you get me a drink/some popcorn?" or "James, who's that guy in the mask?" or "James, why is he doing that?" or any recap on what happened in BATMAN BEGINS (she could have done that in her own time). I also told her there'll be no making out or any other touchy-feely stuff that might otherwise divert my attention away from the screen. If she really can't resist she's allowed to kiss me, but she can't expect that I'll be into it at all because at no point during the film will my eyes leave the screen. Some say that chivalry is dead, but I respectfully disagree.
Extra Tidbit: Oh yeah, and my girlfriend also confessed to me that she's more excited for THE LOVE GURU. I know that I should definitely dump her, the question is should I kill her too?
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