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New Thor character posters have big heads


I'm not one of those old times who's always going on about how much better movies used to be, but one thing that has really gone downhill in the industry? Posters. What used to be an elaborately crafted hand drawn piece is now a giant head with words on it.

By the way, have you checked out these new THOR posters? They're totally awesome. They're premiering on IMDB, and more are reportedly being posted throughout the day. So far only Thor and Odin have their own, but I'll update more as they come out.

In lieu of Natalie Portman getting her own poster, which she may later today, I decided to just make my own, to further prove my point that anyone with Photoshop and Google image search can make one of these damn things in ten minutes. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Stringer Bell

Extra Tidbit: But I would say trailers are definitely getting better.
Source: IMDB



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