New Titans trailer!

There must be some kind of crazy studio competition going on today because we've had three major trailer premieres and two major premieres in about an hour's time. Earlier today was ALICE IN WONDERLAND and about an hour ago was IRON MAN 2. I barely recuperated from that when I saw that the new CLASH OF THE TITANS trailer was up!

I was able to see an early copy of this trailer about two weeks back and it was all I could do to keep from taking a few pics of the Kraken to share with all you. But I value my life and am somewhat frightened by the WB Enforcement Team so I just enjoyed what I saw and left it at that. I was disappointed that the trailer leaked on YouTube this weekend and kinda stole a little of the "money shot" thunder away from Kraken and his boys but it's here now in HD! Click here to see the trailer in HD or check out our 27 HD screencaps from the trailer below (click on each to enlarge)!

Extra Tidbit: Not really sold on the look they've give Zeus.
Source: Apple



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