New Toy Story 3 characters slowly making their debut

In Pixar's latest promotional effort for TOY STORY 3, they've revealed this fill-in-the-blanks poster which they say will feature fourteen new characters from the new film. They’re sending out a character apiece to various websites, and the two on the board so far are Ken (via AICN, voiced by Michael Keaton) and Peas-in-a-Pod (via ComingSoon). I can’t say that I ever played with "Peas-in-a-Pod" growing up, but if I had perhaps it would have changed my attitude toward green vegetables. Is this a riff on Cabbage Patch Kids?

Through the silhouettes in the poster reveal two characters we already know are coming, front and center being Timothy Dalton’s Mr. Pricklepants hedgehog, and to the right, that bear that appeared in UP for two seconds which Pixar promised us would be in the new film.

Fourteen new characters seems like a hell of a lot for one movie, but when you remember the new movie is taking place is a toy-strewn day care, it makes quite a lot of sense. I’m sure most of these new guys won’t get more than a line or two.

Click on the image below to see it bigger over at AICN and ComingSoon actually has 3D video look at the Peas here

Extra Tidbit: Must every TOY STORY feature at least one delusional Buzz Lightyear?
Source: AICNComingSoon



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