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New trailer for A Very Murray Christmas offers up all your holiday favorites


The early word on A VERY MURRAY CHRISTMAS has been pretty solid, but with people only now really getting into the holiday spirit with Thanksgiving in the rear view, Netflix has to turn up their game a little stronger in order to attract attention to this project even existing. Then again, it shouldn't be that difficult. It's Bill Murray, who people want to see do his Bill Murray thing (except in ROCK THE KASBAH apparently), and a host of big-name talent doing Christmas things... There, I'm sold. How about you?

But for those who might need a little more prodding to stream this once it becomes available, a new trailer offers up all those holiday favorites that should get you in the mood to watch this thing ASAP. If this doesn't do the trick, then "Bah, humbug!" right back at you.

A VERY MURRAY CHRISTMAS drops on Netflix on December 4.

Source: Netflix



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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